with Tiffany Han

It’s time to say YES to
your own version of success.


It starts with a Thing.

An itch. To do different and better and more authentically.

To write a book, set up a business of your own, take something off your plate (uh huh, yes, saying no is a Thing) or make space for a daily practice that honors your unique brand of creativity.

(And Sweets, creativity takes MANY different forms. You don’t need to be making art to be a creative being.)

Maybe the Thing is as simple as a whisper; one that taps you on the shoulder to tell you “there is a better way out there, waiting.”

But hearing the call is only part of the puzzle —

Following it through is where it *really* gets scary.

Maybe because it feels big and bold and selfish…

Or because DOING it makes it real — and that means you could fail…

Or maybe because the world around you makes your Thing (and your instincts) feel small and insignificant, or somehow not worthy (“Oh you want to do papercraft? Like as a hobby or..?” and also “What do you mean you want things to change? Your life is amazing. You should just be grateful!”)

So fear wins. And you pack your Thing up into a little box, put it on the ‘maybe someday’ shelf, turn around and walk away.

But lately, it’s started rattling. It’s ready to be seen.


You, Sweets, are in transition.

You’re in that exciting, scary place where you’re ready to figure out what you really have to offer the world —

And you’ve got a sneaking suspicion that journey starts with honoring yourself.

Because it’s clear the old way isn’t working.

You’ve done all the things. You’ve followed the formulas. You’ve aced the class. You’ve had successes — the kind other people point at and admire.

But it all feels kind of empty...

Let’s change that. Together.


Hi hi! I’m Tiffany Han.


I teach smart, capable women how to stop saying yes to everyone else’s bullshit and start saying yes to themselves.

I’m also a constant work in progress.


Yeah, I know. This is the part where I’m meant to tell you I’m an all-knowing guru with a seven-figure business, perfect boundaries, and a gold-plated vagina (too far?) — and if you follow my Secret Formula™ you can HAVE IT ALL JUST LIKE MEEEEE. 

But you and I are very similar beings. And I’m not here to sell you my version of success.

Because the truth (the one you’ve been circling around for a while now) is success looks different for every single one of us.

  1. It’s not about following a formula 

  2. It’s not about working harder or smarter

  3. And it’s not about making your way to the end of a checklist, opening your eyes and discovering you have ARRIVED

Success is a creative process.

It’s about tuning into yourself. Diving deeper. Slowing down. Trusting your intuition. And then taking action — over and over again — to make things real, despite the ever-present lack of a guarantee that ANY of it is going to work.

It’s about finding what LIGHTS YOU UP, having the confidence to go after it, the resilience to deal with failure, the ability to tweak and change and start again, and the willingness to keep on finding your edge.

That, Sweets, is where ALL the magic happens.

So how do you get into that groove?

First of all, you say YES.

To becoming the person who does the Thing.

Who writes the damn book.
Who makes the move.
Who speaks out.
Who takes her business to the next level.
Who shows up. Again and again and again.

To becoming the person who — unapologetically and without hesitation—makes herself and the things SHE needs a priority in her life. And who does it all while taking impeccable care of herself, realizing that THIS was the key to being able to show up and be of service to the world and her life.

If you’re like, “Yesss Tiffany, YES! But how?!” and feeling a simultaneous deep sigh of relief, then it’s time for you to meet the—


Raise Your Hand Say Yes Inner Circle.


AKA a year long coaching program with yours truly (hiiiii!) that gives you the time, tools and support to craft your life artfully and with intention, whether you’re a painter, writer, stay at home mama, happy in your day job, freelance statistician, or <insert your descriptor here>.

It’s a way to connect with your own personal guidance system and give yourself the grace to simply BE IN YOUR LIFE. It’s presence, awareness and vulnerability.

Most importantly, it’s learning to trust yourself —

  • to go after what you want

  • to let things take as long as they need to take

  • that you already know the answer

  • that even if this leap doesn’t work out, it will not be the end.

The Inner Circle is designed to get you into action. So while it’s a place to get quiet and go deep, it’s also a platform for DOING and for creating a habit of showing up for yourself and your life… shaky voice and all.


Let’s take a peek at what’s possible inside…

Sarah Broadbent.png

“While I’ve always been a big fan of personal development - I’ve felt like I’ve spent much of my adult life doing ‘all the things’ and still not getting to the place I wanted to be. So my journey prior to working with Tiffany was full of striving and effort and largely getting nowhere while fast becoming burned out and disheartened.

Tiffany’s approach is a revelation because right from the start she gets you to dig deep and trust that you have the answers and the strategy that is right for you if you’re brave enough to start listening to your own voice.

That’s the big a-ha moment, when you start to realise that you have the agency, the power and the confidence to start living and shaping your life to work for you and your values.

I’ve completely overhauled how I approach my work. I’ve honed my values – which has been enormously helpful in all aspects of my life. I’ve defined and then redefined my idea of success (and will keep doing this I guess as I learn more about myself and what I really want). All of my goals now feel do-able rather than overwhelming thanks to the introduction of a meaningful structure for tackling them. I still can’t quite believe how seismic the shift has been!!” — Sarah Broadbent

polka dots.png

“I've redefined my goals - and gotten really clear on the most powerful actions that will get me there (rather than running around trying to do all the things).

I also decided to set really clear boundaries around my work hours, so that I spend more time away from the computer and with my clients, family, and friends.

I have been in the slow process of shifting my work deeper, getting clear on my zone of genius, and grounding into what I believe in and stand for - and this program has given me the steady support and guidance to continue looking inward, clarifying my desires/goals (like, getting super clear on what I *really* want), and move forward steadily in pursuit of my vision.

It's helped me redefine success for myself - and create the business that serves that version of success.” — Kate McCarthy

polka dots.png

“I've let go of so many habits that were not serving me, become WAY more comfortable listening to my intuition, and have a much clearer vision of who I want to be and how I can live life on my own terms.

My mindset has shifted so much and as a result I've been able to make exhilarating connections between my skills and values, helping me develop my brand and giving me an actual direction to pursue with my work.

I am growing more confident in all areas of my life, speaking up for myself way more, and attracting new friends who are helping to motivate and encourage me. I've simplified my routine and find myself having more time, energy, and mental space to focus on what is most important to me.

I have to reiterate: it feels AMAZING to now have a clear vision of what I want to do with my life.

I thought I would never be able to pinpoint my "thing". It feels so, so good to now have the tools to understand what will bring me the most joy and give the most value to the world. This is the perfect class for someone like me who doesn't have the budget for one-on-one coaching yet but is still ready to take their life and work to the next level!” — Tabitha Cook


Before I go and jump right into the nitty gritty details, let me make a few things crystal clear:


The Raise Your Hand Say Yes Inner Circle ISN’T a static course.

It’s a year long coaching experience, that’s real and evolving. It’s dependant on you showing up and me being there to meet you.

So yes, Sweets — you WILL be seen. I WILL be doing the work alongside you. And I WILL be right there (me, Tiffany — not an assistant) as a constant source of guidance and support.

The Inner Circle is soul work, whole life work; not a program solely about business strategy.

It acknowledges that the career and life you create is an extension of YOU and your inner world. That doesn’t mean we don’t talk about business (mine or yours), but that it’s all nestled in that bigger context. For example, it’s not about me showing you how to get to six figures, but — *if* that’s part of your version of success — helping you become the person who does the work to get there.

The Inner Circle is NOT prescriptive.

It’s not about following a formula, not about being told you’re doing it wrong, and not about working more and/or harder. It’s about using tools and process to find whatever feels great for YOU. And then taking steps to make your own version of success happen.

And Sweets, part of this is about getting comfortable with changing course, because that Thing you want to bring into the world? It might look a little different by the time you’ve sat with it in this new space. And that doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong — the freedom to pause and shift and start again is part of the deal.


Okay, I think we’re ready for the nitty gritties...

As a member of the RYHSY Inner Circle, you get…



Each month kicks off with a 90 minute live video lesson where I’ll teach you step-by-step how to create a habit of sustained action towards your big thing. These lessons will be based on honoring your voice, tapping into your intuition, and learning how to marry your most inspired ideas with the bold action required to move them forward in the world.

Here’s what we’ll dive into each month:

  • Month 1: Finding Meaning + Determining Success. Get a close-up look at your life and start to find your own North Star for the transformation this year will bring.

  • Month 2: Battling Burnout + Self-Care. Nothing’s going to come from an empty well. It’s time for you to get out of overwhelm, reset your normal, and start doing things to (really. NO REALLY.) take care of yourself.

  • Month 3: Grounding Rituals + Habit Formation. Practice keeping your cool when everything around you is B-A-N-A-N-A-S and start learning how to tap into your intuition and your inner cool-calm-collected. (YES! Even during the holidays!)

  • Month 4: Divine Order, aka Getting Sh*t Done, aka Creative Productivity. Dive into the making-things-happen portion of moving your ideas forward. In a way that’s filled with connection, ease, and flow.

  • Month 5: Moving Beyond Fear. Move beyond letting fear be an authority in your life (and being ruled by only strategy and to-do lists!) into a practice that allows you to find your way to inspired action (despite what your Inner Critic may say!).

  • Month 6: Holding Your Course + Situational Awareness. How do you keep going when the going gets tough? And how do you find courage in the face of fear, doubt, and indecision? This month, we're tackling those big questions and establishing a framework you can use to evaluate your projects and figure out how they need to evolve..

  • Month 7: Connection. What do you do when you know you want to slow down, when you know you're ready to move beyond the frantic pace of life, and when you know that you're only spinning your wheels? You focus on connection, and I’ll teach you how.

  • Month 8: Discernment. Tackle how to distinguish between all the distractions (and opinions) in the world and what you really want.

  • Month 9: Getting into Your Zone of Genius. Focus on those big things you're ready to raise your hand and say yes to.

  • Month 10: Telling Your Story. It’s time to tell your story, amplify your message, and get your Zone of Genius work out into the world.

  • Month 11: Moving Beyond Perfectionism. We’ll look at what happens when perfectionism rears its ugly head and I’ll teach you how to deepen your conviction so you're able to move those big ideas of yours forward with even more ease.

  • Month 12: What's Next in Your Creative Evolution. We’ll wrap it up in a pretty bow as we explore your creativity, your evolution, and how you can keep going towards what’s next.

Psst… these aren’t your average personal development teachings. They’re as fun as they are thought-provoking — and the Raise Your Hand Say Yes framework is designed to help calm your nervous system while also getting you jazzed for the next step. YESSSS.



Packed with exercises, worksheets, daily trackers, evaluations, and space for notes, this 200+ page hard-copy (uh huh, yes, it arrives in your mailbox—even internationally!) workbook will be your year-long creative companion as you set out on your hero’s journey of learning to follow through on your Thing. (OMG you're going to love it!)



There’s also a 90-minute Q&A call each month where you can ask me anything about strategy, mindset, tools, and resources. We might talk story-telling strategy, if it’s okay for you to quit Twitter (YES!), and how to shift perspectives and deepen your faith all on one call.

It’s like a super useful version of a Reddit AMA. You get your Qs answered. I get to lavish you with all my love. You win. I win. Everybody wins.

You also get to hear what everyone else needs help with. Which means some extra resources pluuuuuus (even better!) knowing you aren’t alone. With the right support, you’re going to be fucking fierce.



Beyond just the monthly lessons and worksheets, each month’s focus will include key takeaways that help you integrate your learning into your life. Which means that you’ll move beyond just thinking about things to actually playing with concepts, experimenting with ideas, and finding out what really works for you (permission to leave the rest on a shelf, Sweets).



Each month, I also double dog dare you to commit to a courage challenge that will help you make a bold move to propel your vision forward (while also scaring the pants off you in the best kind of way!). From that email you’ve been putting off to your big ask, it’s go-time on the work that’s going to get you from Point A to Point Amazing. And you know what takes some of the fear away? Knowing that you’re not the only one taking those scary steps. Safety in numbers, Sweets: it really is a thing.



I know that the last thing you need is another discussion group. Which is exactly why I want you to treat the Inner Circle group space as a resource. Because it's not about hanging around for the sake of it. It's about showing up and asking for what you need—and actually getting it.

The group is where you get ongoing access to me. Where you get to share thoughts and ideas and creations for feedback. Where you get perspective when you've been cooped up in a room by yourself, squirreling away at something for too long. Where you get support and (if you need it) some extra accountability. But it's not a place you have to hang out simply because you have a login.



You know how it's always near-impossible to find the time to actually get things done? Not anymore. In these quarterly co-working planning sessions, we'll all gather on a video platform and map out our goals, deliverables, and guiding principles for the next three months.

These sessions will also include time for you to actually do the work that's going to move your big idea forward — and you'll have me working alongside you in real time in case you hit any snags or roadblocks along the way!




A welcome kit in the mail (yeeeees prezzies!) that establishes you as an Official Hand Raiser and Yes Sayer. Welcome to the club, Sweets. It’s the best in here.


Exclusive access to invest in additional discounted 1-on-1 coaching where you can get additional support and deep dives into the help you need to move forward.


20% off upcoming offers and merch! You’ll also get the inside scoop on what’s coming next for me and my own biz and exclusive first dibs on anything new. Cuz this is just the beginning.


But Wait! There’s More! #Infomercialstyle

When you become part of The Inner Circle, you also get access to these rad bonuses, so you can get moving stat and start tapping into your flow #likewhoa



You've got a thing. It's great. But how do you talk about it? This not-available-anywhere-else course will help you take all of your great ideas and simmer them down into talking points that make sense for you and your audience! You'll get insights on your 3 brand words, lessons on how to take all the seemingly-disparate things you're interested in doing and put them under the umbrella of a single brand, and details on how you can get into the head of your perfect person. (Without feeling skeezy!) Oh! And also: website details and structure. No more wondering how to write an about page! I've got you covered.



29 podcast episodes that are no longer available plus accompanying worksheets, so you can put the bits that resonate into action. There are too many juicy topics to list here, but some of my faves include Authentic Marketing 101, Vulnerability and Your brand, Overcoming the Imposter Complex, Dealing with Change in Your Biz, and But What About Fear, Excuses & Pretend Work? Yep, it’s THE GOODS!



TLDR? You get a LOT when you join The Inner Circle.

Not because I’m like, “OH MY GAWD WHAT CAN I THROW AT YOU TO MAKE THIS LOOK ENTICING???” but because I’ve taken the time (over 3 rounds of running this program) to work out what you need to get really, deeply intentional with that life of yours…and made sure it’s all inside.

The only thing missing is you.


Here’s what getting intentional with your life can mean for you...


“I've learned how to slow down, figure out what I really want, be kinder to myself, and also take some hell yes action in both my personal and business lives.

I've written and published two books, started a podcast with over 400,000 downloads, pitched (and interviewed) industry leaders, and interviewed guests like Ali Edwards, Lisa Congdon, Austin Kleon, and other amazing people.

I've created wonderful friendships with new women that I did not know before this program. I gained the confidence to go after opportunities that I would have otherwise turned back from. I've brought more women to my feminist scrapbooking community and started speaking from a new place and with a new voice on my podcast.” — Kristin Tweedale

polka dots.png
Kira Elliott.png

“One thing that really stands out for me is that I am, for the first time in a super long time, like since art school, keeping a consistent daily sketchbook. This is huge for me.

I work full time at a fairly demanding non-profit job and have been struggling for consistency in my art practice for years.

The small gentle goal of showing up to my sketchbook, to do something, no matter if it is to jot down a few ideas, do a few thumbnails or a quick color study helps me take myself seriously as an artist. Also, when I have time for the studio on the weekends, I am ready to work. A whole new body of work is emerging. Work that is real and authentic. I am so excited about what is happening with my art and ideas are flowing out of me.

Because I am finally getting aligned with my Zone of genius I feel so much more power and peace. I find I have more vitality and excitement for living.

And I am not spending as much time watching TV or on Social Media. I am creating my art instead damnit!” — Kira Elliot

polka dots.png
Dani Cirignano.png

“When I joined The Inner Circle, I was finishing up grad school (MFA in Writing), and had just celebrated my one year soberversary. I joined The Inner Circle with the dream/intention of building some kind of business combining my three passions: writing, movement (I'm a yoga teacher and strength coach) and recovery. Life felt big and scary and so exciting, and I was ready to dive deeper.

Now, I'm on track to work for Tempest, I got a teaching fellowship at my university, I went to Spain for 3 weeks for my 35th birthday, I started a daily meditation practice, I started coaching CrossFit, and best of all, I have less anxiety than ever before.

A lot of the shifts I've felt over the course of my time in The Inner Circle have felt more internal, and I know this is part of it and was SO needed for me. I have taken a close look at how my day-to-day feels and have made some major strides to change my routine in subtle but profound ways that have me feeling so much less foreboding stress and anxiety that have been the undercurrent to my life for as long as I remember.” — Dani Cirignano


In case you hadn’t noticed,
entry to The Inner Circle is via application only.

NOT because I want to make you jump through unnecessary hoops, and definitely not because I’m on some kind of power trip. But because I want to make sure you’re in the right place to step inside.

This is deep, vulnerable work. And you and I are going to be spending a lot of time together once you’re in, so we need to trust each other to show up and follow through.

Oh, and Sweets? There are 115 spaces (only 15 remaining!) available this time around. And once they’re filled I won’t open it up again until Fall 2020.

So now’s a great time to ask yourself this question...



To become your own guiding light, get REALLY intentional with that life of yours and (finally) make some moves?

Then Sweets, it’s time to secure yourself a spot inside.


Most Flexible

$188/mo for 12 months


Best Value

$1,999 (save $257)

115 spots available (only 15 remaining!)

Applications are closed.


Here’s what my current Inner Circlers have to say about the program...

Sarah Broadbent.png

“This isn't someone's bullshit regime for living a successful life. It isn't 'follow some rules and you'll have everything you want'. This is about really looking within, recognising the truth of yourself and starting to listen to how that inner voice needs to inform how you work and live.

I've loved the process. I've loved the work. I've felt heard, recognised and understood from the get-go. The group has a supportive, positive energy. Everyone is willing everyone else on.

Tiffany teaches through her own vulnerability - we learn through her living her life right there for us. It gives me the courage to show up for myself in ways that I wasn't gutsy enough to do before because I was too swamped by the expectations and needs of others. And while that work is deep, challenging and uncomfortable at times - it is constantly rewarding and I feel much more satisfied in myself.” — Sarah Broadbent

polka dots.png

“I was seeking a supportive container for furthering the creative work I was doing in my business while really focusing on techniques for increasing ease, flow and intuitive alignment rather than just overwork/hustle.

Though I felt happy with my work, I felt like there was an imbalance in how much I was working and what I was getting out of it.

The Inner Circle really feels like a clarifier, purifier, and accelerator for my creative work and the daily art of living.

I love the emphasis on big-picture, mindset-shifting lessons with personal exploration and reflection in our workbooks alongside the opportunity to get all our nitty gritty questions answered, to get a peek backstage in Tiffany’s business, and get feedback on our creative businesses. It works so well for someone like me who has a business that is up and running but could really benefit from the insight and strategies that Tiffany shares.

I love how The Inner Circle is so holistic. We get to explore how to make our business and creative work really shine while also creating a life in which we can thrive and live in accordance with our values and our soul's purpose.

I feel more supported than ever both financially and creatively within my business while feeling more relaxed and chilled out as well. I feel like something inside me was gripping waiting for everything to crumble before and now, I trust so much more.

I really feel Tiffany's active presence in the online community and in the live sessions provided so much more value than I ever expected. Imagine that anytime you have a question, not only about the amazing monthly lessons, but also about anything you are working on in your life and creative work, you can just ask and receive some feedback and insight from someone very knowledgeable and insightful that very same week. So helpful!” — Nicole Piar

polka dots.png
Jennifer Dossetti.png

“I know I can just dive back into The Inner Circle work and feel grounded. It's all there, you get what you put in, but even when I get a bit distanced, it takes very little effort to get back in and immediately feel like I never left. Everything still resonates and still applies to me and my work and keeps me going.

It's a little bit magical by design. And I think the magic really is that The Inner Circle is putting me in touch with what I already know and have, it's all there inside me and The Inner Circle is elegantly designed to pull it out.

I'm getting ready to launch another business this summer. Something that scratches my itch to do something bigger. I've always had this niggling thing in the back of my mind that any company I start needs to contribute to the greater good of our environment. So I'm launching a soap refill business with delivery service this summer and it feels so right.” — Jennifer Dossetti


Want what they’re having?

The fact you’re reading this line tells me two things...


1. Something on this page is resonating. A part of you — no matter how small — is raising her hand and saying, “YES TIFFANY, YES! I WANT TO BE IN THE CIRCLE!”

2. Another, bigger part of you has some hesitations.

Great! Hesitations are normal. And now we get to dance.

“Tiffany, what if I’m the wrong kind of creative?”

Hey Sweets? There’s no right or wrong way to be creative. Seriously. Creativity is simply problem solving. It’s finding flow, thinking outside of your square, trusting your intuition and letting the magic flow through you and into the world. And sure, there are painters and writers and musicians in The Inner Circle, but there are also cleaners, stay at home moms, teachers, and statisticians. And NONE of them are out of place.

“Okay… so how do I know if I’m a good fit?”

Firstly, you’re still reading. If what I’m saying on this page is holding your attention, chances are you’re a very good fit indeed. If you need something more to go on, see if any of these hit home…

You are an ambitious dreamer. You have a big vision and you want to bring something into the world (even if you don’t *quite* know what that is). You’re good at having the right answers, and really good at being the person everybody expects you to be. But something feels off. You’re overwhelmed and burnt out and frustrated. You’re giving more than you’re getting in return, and you’re ready to tap back in to your intuition and start doing things on your own terms.

Still unsure? This whole RYHSY thing is about listening to your intuition, so if yours is saying “no thanks, not yet” I want you to heed it. However… if the voice saying “no, I don’t think so” belongs to fear, anxiety, or overwhelm, I encourage you to apply. That’s why the application process exists — so we can feel each other out, so we can start the conversation. And if it doesn’t feel like the right time, I’ll let you know. And Sweets, just so we’re clear, there’s no shame in that. Some of my current Inner Circlers weren’t ready when they first applied… but they came back to me at the next opportunity and they are FLOURISHING.

“Is there any kind of guarantee, just in case?”

If you’re hoping for one of those 30 Day Money Back scenarios, you’re out of luck. After 30 days together, we’ll only just be scratching the surface, so cutting ties then wouldn’t serve either of us.

But here’s the promise I make to every single woman who's in this class:

If you show up and ask for what you need, you will get it.

Your learning starts with asking me and ends with being able to do it in all aspects of your life.

(Yes. Everywhere: at work, at the dinner table, in the bedroom, when you're trying to return the shirt but need someone to make an exception to the return policy, in your business, with your family, on the 'gram: EVERYWHERE.)

You'll wake up feeling like you're living on purpose.
You'll show up in integrity to yourself first. (You! A priority!)
You'll follow through on those things you know you want to do.

—Even when they feel hard.
—Even when the road ahead isn't crystal clear.
—Even when (and especially when!) the easy thing to do would be to ignore the drive, to uphold the status quo, and to keep pretending that the just fine version of life is A-OK.

THAT’S my guarantee.

“A year is a long commitment… and I’m worried I’ll do that thing where I register for an online course, am very excited and motivated, and then about halfway through I lose all of that and then feel bad for not doing the work as it's intended.”

While it’s up to you to show up and do the work, The Inner Circle is DESIGNED to facilitate that process. You and I have So. Many. Touchpoints. over the course of the year. There are 2 live 90 minute calls each month, 4 quarterly co-working sessions, and a dedicated space where you can ask me questions and reach out for support.

On top of that, you get a physical, arrives-in-your-mailbox workbook that serves as your companion. Because it’s physical, you can’t hide it in an obscure folder on your desktop, or lose it in the depths of your inbox. It’ll be there, waving at you from your desk/bedside table/kitchen bench, calling out to be used.


Still unsure? Let me pass the metaphorical mic over to one of my current circlers, Brooke Monaghan.

Brooke Monaghan.png

“I didn't trust myself to commit to the course. In the past, I have had these bursts of excitement and inspiration that lead to big ideas about something I want to do, and two months later it has completely fizzled out.

I was afraid I was paying all of this money for a year long course and that it would be a waste because I wouldn't commit to it.

My biggest fear was that in a year nothing would have changed, and I would have felt guilty for having spent the money on myself and not done anything with the course.

That is NOT what happened!

On day one of The Inner Circle I knew I wanted to work for myself, and that was literally all that I knew. Now, I have my business set up, I have my first client, and in 2 weeks I will be self employed (I actually can't believe I'm saying this. I could cry). However, to me, my biggest and most delicious success so far is that now I trust myself, I believe in myself, and I know that even if this leap doesn't work out, it will not be the end.” — Brooke Monaghan


“How much access to you will I ACTUALLY get?” 

As well as the built-in touchpoints I mentioned above (3 hours of LIVE calls each month plus quarterly co-working sessions), you get year-round, on-the-fly access to me in the RYHSY Inner Circle group space.

Here are a couple of examples of what that looks like…

polka dots.png
polka dots.png

“$2000 is a big investment… and it makes me a little nervous.”

First of all, if the price point is a genuine hardship for you, that’s a good sign now’s not the right time to apply. The Inner Circle is allll about going deep and getting free, and that kind of work is hard to do when you’re worried about next month’s gas bill.

If you have the funds, and still have the nerves, you and I need to have a different conversation. I *could* ask what creating your own version of success is worth to you, but I know it’s a hard one to put a dollar value on. Because, depending on that success, it might mean an extra $50K in your back pocket. Or it might mean reconnecting with your partner, or creating space to meditate every damn day. It might mean running a marathon as your 5 year-old cheers you on, or finding a new hobby that feels AMAZING. Hell, it might mean better sleep. So, yeah. Not everything has a clear dollar value attached to it.

So let’s look at the other ways you could get there…

Realistically, we’re talking about some sort of coaching, right? And whether that’s life coaching, or business coaching, you’re looking at around $500 a month. Minimum. For 2 hours of contact time. If you’re thinking about 1:1 coaching with me, you’re looking at $20,000 a year.

If this information isn’t doing anything for the anxiety you feel about the investment, it’s time to dive a little deeper. Because I think the question you’re REALLY struggling with is, “am I worth the investment?”

YES. You are so worthy. I know that can be a hard thing to say and believe and act on, ESPECIALLY when you’re used to putting everybody else’s priorities before your own, and because this investment probably seems kind of intangible. But it’s where it starts. This saying yes. This valuing yourself and your ideas and intuition. It’s the kind of thing that grows on itself. And the reason you’re struggling with the question is the exact same reason you should make the investment.

“I’m not sure I need this… my life isn’t horrible or depressing. It’s actually fine.”

I’m sure it is. But how is ‘fine’ serving you?

Because, in my experience, ‘fine’ covers all kinds of disappointments. ‘Fine’ is spinning your wheels. ‘Fine’ is putting other people’s needs before your own. ‘Fine’ is anxiety, hustle and burn-out. ‘Fine’ is being caught in a story someone else is writing.

Fine is not fine at all. And that means it’s time to ask yourself some big questions…

Who’s the person YOU want to become in the world?

Is there a greater calling in you that’s ready to come forward?

Or a better version of the things you’re already doing?

I really, truly want you to sit with those for a second. And then raise your hand and say a BIG BOLD YES to what comes.

Because I want your life to be stellar. I want it to be incredible and delicious. I want you to wake up everyday knowing you’re all in on this world.

And Sweets? All in doesn’t mean running a hundred million miles a minute. You could be ‘all in’ bingeing Fleabag and eating ice cream on the couch and that is BEAUTIFUL.

All in means connected. And grounded and rooted in those things that matter to you, so you continually design your life from that centre.

It means that you're showing up deliberately. To all the things. Not when the perfect set of circumstances show up, but right now. As you are. In the gorgeous mess that is this life you've been given.

Uh huh. Yes. ALL of that.

But the big thing? You’ve got to want it all too.

Because this is a process. This is deep work. And I can’t do it for you.

But I CAN support you. I CAN give you the tools you need to become the version of yourself who does the Thing. Who takes action again and again. Who builds a beautiful, meaningful life — the kind that makes future you so SO proud.

So, for the last time...



To become your own guiding light, get REALLY intentional with that life of yours and (finally) make some moves?

Then Sweets, it’s time to secure yourself a spot inside.


Most Flexible

$188/mo for 12 months


Best Value

$1,999 (save $257)

115 spots available (only 15 remaining!)

Applications are closed.


Here’s what happened when these women said YES:

Ariana Sessions.png

“Applying meant that I was stepping fully into the things I wanted instead of circling around them like I have in the past.

It meant showing up differently and having a conversation with the people in my life about things I had never told them I wanted (including admitting these things to myself).

My goals were fuzzy coming in. I just knew that I wanted to write, but through this class, I've gained so much confidence in myself and restructured my life to make this a priority instead of an "I'll get to this someday" idea. I've started calling myself a writer and submitting stories and looking for ways to improve my craft and can I tell you, this LIGHTS me up.

I've also prioritized yoga and spending time with God and meditation which of course gives me the foundation for writing and momming and just being a good person in the world.

Stepping into the things I want in life and saying those things out loud to myself, my family, the world. I show up so much differently now.

I think what makes this program different is how generous Tiffany is with everything. She is so willing to get on with someone live and problem solve and push us to really dig deep. She isn’t afraid to push us to dive through the tough emotions and feelings that we've learned to gloss over so well.” — Ariana Sessions

polka dots.png
Kathy Cornwell.png

“When I joined The Inner Circle I was 50 years old and realizing that there were unrealized creative longings that had festered for more than half my life.

I looked to this program as a way to honor those longings and step up to the plate and finally DO SOMETHING about them, even though I wasn't sure exactly where that would lead. I needed to stop grieving over the wasted time and opportunity and change the script.

I learned a new craft (monoprinting with a gel plate) and I find that it really sets me free. It's one of the few (only?) art forms where I get quick, surprising results and I have a feeling of excitement.

I have always thought that you have to have a business with your creativity. It's really hard nowadays to divorce creative output from how it can financially serve you. And yet that pressure has been part of what has nipped my efforts in the bud for many years!

On a different note, I guested on a podcast (speaking about my editing biz and Craftcation), which was a huge leap for me. So scary, vulnerable, and exciting! When I was asked, my knee-jerk response was OMG NO! But then I realized, ‘THIS IS WHEN YOU BUCK UP AND SAY YES.’” — Kathy Cornwell

polka dots.png
Antonia Taylor.png

“I felt very out of control when I joined. It felt as life and work were happening to me rather than for me. Also caught in a story of being stuck. Not committing time to my writing practice was the biggest excuse I tied myself up in.

That's shifted now completely and I can see progress as well as a honing of the craft take shape. I generally have a better sense of space in my life too.

I feel incredibly seen and understood by Tiffany. I find her generosity on the monthly calls incredible.

The Inner Circle is not only a vehicle for my creative project but a clearly carved out chunk of time that is for me.” — Antonia Taylor




“I’m not sure I’m ready… when will you be offering this again?”

Fall 2020 — so a full year from now. If you know you’re not ready this time around, that’s totally cool. Seriously! This whole RYHSY thing is about listening to your intuition, so if yours is saying “no thanks, not yet” I want you to heed it. However… if the voice saying “no thanks” belongs to fear, anxiety, or overwhelm, I encourage you to apply. That’s why the application process exists — so we can feel each other out, so we can start the conversation. And if it doesn’t feel like the right time, I’ll let you know. And Sweets, just so we’re clear, there’s no shame in that. Some of my current Inner Circlers weren’t ready when they first applied… but they came back to me at the next opportunity and they are FLOURISHING.

“115 feels like kinda a big group… how much attention will I actually get from you?”

Short answer? Lots. As well as monthly live lessons, monthly Q & A sessions, and quarterly co-working days, where we get to hang out in real time and actually speak with each other, you have direct access to me in the group. For the whole year. I respond to everything that gets posted in there. I provide feedback, ask questions and poke you when needed. Because the RHYSY Inner Circle isn’t a static course. It’s a year long coaching experience, that’s real and evolving. And while it’s dependent on you showing up, I promise you I’ll hold up my end of the bargain and be there to meet you.

“Is there any sort of guarantee?”

Yes. If you show up and ask for what you need, you will get it. It’s as simple as that.

This is your chance to let yourself be seen. To let yourself be okay with I don’t know being an answer and asking for help so that you can move beyond that. This is your chance to (finally!) get the support you need so that you can (finally!) step into that life you know is waiting for you.

“When are the live lessons and Q&As?”

The live lessons are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 10am PST / 11am MST / 1pm EST and will be recorded and shared with those who aren't able to attend live. The Q&A calls are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 10am PST / 11am MST / 1pm EST and will be recorded, time-stamped, and shared with the group. The quarterly co-working sessions will occur on the 2nd Friday of January, April, July, and September from 9am - noon PST / 10am - 1pm MST / noon - 3pm EST and (you guessed it!) will be recorded and shared with the group.

And yes. I’m giving you a few months to settle into The Inner Circle work before we dive into a whole bunch of doing. You’ll understand why once we get started.

“What if I can’t make these live, because of work/kids/timezones?”

Every live component of the program is recorded and shared with the group. And if you have questions you want answered during the monthly Q&As, you’ll be able to submit Qs in advance. I’ll answer them on the call, as if you were there, and you get to watch it, replay it, and ask me more questions about it in the group. In short, you won’t be disadvantaged.

That being said, the question I’ll ask you in return is: what if you carved out space to be on the calls live? What if you got the babysitter or asked the boss for an extended lunch break a couple of times each month? What if you cleared your calendar to make this work—and subsequently your life—a priority? What could be possible then?

“But I have a wedding/holiday/family event/big work thing and am worried I won’t be able to be all in all the time. Will I fall behind?”

There are three key components to success in this course. The first is making a commitment to yourself to show up when you can and do the work even when it’s uncomfortable. The second is making a commitment to yourself to raise your hand and ask for help when you get stuck or when your path forward is unclear. The third is giving yourself the grace to get back in the classroom when life has pulled you away.

If we all existed in a vacuum with perfect circumstances and without any wrenches being thrown our way, we probably wouldn’t need a program like this. But life happens, and it often doesn’t worry about aligning its schedule with the ideals of our ambition. That’s why this program is a year. That’s why there are touchpoints built in throughout. That’s why the entire experience is built upon a foundation of grace, not the expectation that anyone shows up as an A+++ student.

The other thing to know is that you’re allowed to be in your life and move your dreams forward all at the same time. You’re allowed to show up for yourself every single day—even if it’s just for 5 minutes at a time—despite the storms that are brewing around you. And this, Sweets, is when progress really starts to happen. I can’t wait to teach you more.

“But, Tiffany, what if it’s hard?”

Oh, Sweets. It will be. This work will be uncomfortable and challenging and will take you places you haven’t yet dared go on your own. And I can also promise you this: if you’re willing to raise your hand and say yes, it will be so, so worth it.

And, also? You won’t be alone in your journey, and you won’t be figuring things out in a vacuum. There’s magic in this process, and there’s magic in walking through this jungle with a guide who’s been there (hi! That’s me!) and other people who’ve also said yes to the tour.

“If I have a business, can I lean on you for business help?”

Of course! As long as it’s within the context and structure of the group. So for example, if you email me with a list of questions on the inner workings of MailChimp, I probably won’t help you. But, if you bring a branding question to one of our Q&A calls, or post a sales page in the group for critique, I’ve got your back.

“Do I need to commit to the full 12 months?”

Yes. This is deep work, not a quick fix. You need the time to unfold and evolve and take action and get feedback and refine and go again. So if you only plan on showing up between now and Christmas, it’s not the right program for you.

“When will I hear back on my application?”

Once you submit your application, you’ll hear back from me within 48 business hours with either some clarifying questions or a link to register, at which point I’ll be able to hold your spot for an additional 48 hours. Early-bird applications close at 11:59 pm PST on Thursday, July 18, and applications will reopen mid September.

“When do we start? And what do I do in the meantime?”

The Inner Circle starts on October 1, 2019. That’s the first week of lessons and the first time you’ll get access to the group space. But, as soon as your application is approved, you get access to the Core Values Masterclass, Lacy Young Meditations and Creative Archetype Trainings, so you can start tuning into yourself and getting ready for the deep work ahead. And—don’t forget!—those small group strategy sessions are only available to those of you who join during the early-bird period!

“Wait, I have more Qs!”

No problem, Sweets. You can email me: tiffany@tiffanyhan.com. I'm the nicest.


Want one last hit of Inner Circle success stories?


I’m no longer overwhelmed and unsure of how to move forward in the things I want to do. I know when I need to let shit go and when I need to push forward with an idea. I’m loving myself a.k.a. self-parenting myself in a way that feels nourishing and not taking on work that isn’t what I really want to be doing.” - Jessica Harris

Kelly Harcus.png

"I'm able to choose not to get looped into the fear or dreaming small…It's more insightful and whole-life-focused than ‘post to Instagram this many times, and complete this branding worksheet.’ It's really helped me get clear about how I get in my own way, how to get inspired, and get clearer on what I want.” - Kelly Harcus

Shaili Shah.png

“Tiffany totally gets it: this program is like a primer on everything you wanted to learn about how to build a creative life and all the ways we get stuck (and then un-stuck). It’s pragmatic but counterintuitive, encouraging but challenging, supportive and also no-bullshit.” - Shaili Shah

Annie Norbeck.png

"I’m more intentional. I speak my mind more, but in a clearer way…This coaching work is getting me clear, back to who *I* am before all the other titles life gives us muddied my view. Before these titles made ‘me’ disappear a little (or a lot)." - Annie Norbeck

Elizabeth Simms.png

"This program helps you lean into the you you never knew, or allowed yourself to know. For someone who has experienced that the unexpected equals not so great things, this is pretty life changing. And freeing. - Elizabeth Simms

Susan Cockrell.png

"I am weeding out things I DON'T want to do and being more intentional about things I DO want to do. This program is really helpful in peeling back the layers to examine the bare naked truth of where you need to start.” - Susan Cockrell

Lisa Anstead.png

"This program is a life-changer and whether or not you own a business you need Tiffany in your life. Little did I know that I would be coming home to myself.” - Lisa Anstead


"This class is a fun and unique monthly motivator that will create more ease and flow in your life and propel you to take action.”
- Maya Henry

Renée Lara.png

An opportunity to grow. HOWEVER that means for you. Personally. Professionally. Creatively. Spiritually. Come ready to be challenged. To face not only your fears, but the goals that keep on showing up, but you never seem to see them through. RYHSY to this year of growth.” - Renée Lara

Sellenee Sich.png

I am more aware of my thoughts and what I need to do to move things forward instead of staying stuck. This class gives you the tools you need for all the parts of your life you wished were better but didn’t know how to make them better.” - Sellenee Sich

Chrissy Foreman.png

“I’m slower and more committed to my goals (with full permission!) and more intentional and getting less sidetracked. You rock Tiff!! Thank you, I love this course.” - Chrissy Foreman

Katy-Rose Bye.png

"It’s a safe space to see that I am not alone, to feed my inner craving to learn All the Things about the human experience, all while having a set reminder to reflect, to be aware, and to pause.” - Katy-Rose Bye

Ritu Aneja.png

“This program has brought me closer to reality! It connects you to your deeper self and helps you shun the inauthenticities we live in!”
- Ritu Aneja

Renee Hunt.png

I've got to know myself A LOT better. It's been quite raw at times, as I have noticed behaviours, habits and values that were not serving me. Making myself accountable means that I have to take full responsibility for my life. And THAT has been as massive change for me.” - Renée Hunt

Brooke Forry.png

I haven't given up on my next scary project :) Old me probably (definitely) would have thrown in the towel by now and stayed comfortable with complacency, always wondering what would have been.” - Brooke Forry

Sarah Gamble.png

I feel so much calmer and happier. I love how the lessons are applicable to anyone, from entrepreneurs, to those with day jobs, or just anyone who wants to be more grounded in life.” - Sarah Gamble

Antonia Taylor.png

"Prioritising creativity over being a work machine has been transformative for me. It's brought me home to myself and this is starting to spill over in other areas of my life.” - Antonia Taylor

Shelly Picard.png

"I feel more in touch with myself and more intentional in my life. Tiffany has a knack for teaching the right lesson at the right time.”
- Shelly Picard

Alaina Shea.png

This is the kick in the pants I needed to make my life how I wanted it to feel. It’s like working with your best friend and aunt who are tremendously supportive and expect you to make progress. It’s tough, enlightening, and full of great exercises to help you move into your best life.” - Alaina Shea

Jodi Crane.png

“I have more time to do the things I want to do and not what others expect me to do. I am more mindful and intentional in my daily life. I have felt support to keep going during a difficult time in my life.” - Jodi Crane


“I feel more organized and I’m addressing questions that I've not considered before. This is a support program that digs deep and transforms your thoughts.” - Alicia Harvey


The only thing standing between you and your success story is this little pink button.

Hey Sweets? It’s time to say YES.


115 spots available (only 15 remaining!)

Applications are closed.