Raise Your Hand Say Yes
Raise Your Hand Say Yes
with Tiffany Han

You’re idling at 30% of your potential. 


I know it and you know it, but to everyone else in your life, you’re killing it.

You’re checking all the boxes.
You’re getting the promotions.
And you always have the perfect holiday card.

From the outside looking in, you’ve got it (almost) all figured out. And to a point, you do (almost). You’re smart; you’re driven; you’re able to do anything you put your mind to.

The problem is: You know that you’re capable of so much more and that you’re sitting on buckets of latent potential.

You’re saying yes to the wrong things.

You’re designing your days according to someone else’s standards.

You’re holding yourself back from living the life that you truly want.


And I want to teach you a different way.

I want to teach you how to become the person who does the thing, who follows through, and who shows up to her life in a way that makes her future self as proud as possible.

I want to teach you to become the person who writes the book.
Who makes the move.
Who speaks out.
Who takes her business to the next level.
Who seeks out the opportunities she sees everyone else getting.
Who shows up. Again and again and again.

And who does it all while taking impeccable care of herself.

I want to teach you how to become that person who—unapologetically and without hesitation—makes herself and the things she needs a priority in her life. And who goes after that idea for no other reason that that she knows—deep down—how important it is.


What if I told you...

Somewhere along the way, you decided that holding yourself back was good enough for now. But you know it’s not sustainable, and that ultimately, it’s not getting you where you want to be.

Enter the frustration, anxiety, and insomnia and everything they bring to your health and relationships.

The truth about those big ideas that keep you up at night: they’re going to require that you shift this car out of neutral and start applying some gas.

But unfortunately, at the end of the day—after you’ve kicked ass on everyone else’s checklists—you’ve got nothing left for yourself. Until now.

What if I told you that you can make all of those next-level things happen without having to compromise your sanity—or your standards?

What if I told you that you are using more energy holding yourself back than it will take to actually make these moves you’re so desperate to make?

What if I told you that I can teach you how to raise your hand and say yes to that person you’re dying to become?

Starting now.


I’m Tiffany Han

I teach smart, capable women how to stop saying yes to everyone else’s bullshit and start saying yes to themselves.

And I want to teach you how to move your big goals forward and chill out all at the same time. (Oh yes. It’s so possible.)

You are the hero of this transformation story.

I’ll be your guide.


Introducing Raise Your Hand Say Yes:


A year-long coaching and creative mentorship program that will teach you how to raise your hand and say yes to all those things you want to do, be, and say without compromising your standards—or your sanity.

  1. No more idling.

  2. No more stalling.

  3. No more distractions.

It’s time. Your turn is here.

And here’s what I want you to know:

  • You don’t have to stay stuck.

  • Yes, making that shift you’re craving is going to be hard, uncomfortable, and disruptive.

  • But what’s waiting on the other side will be SO WORTH IT.


My goal here is to wake you up and scare you in just the right way.


If you're turned off right now, that's okay. That means this program isn't right for you. But if you're feeling a combination of nerves and excitement, keep reading.

There’s a new version of success waiting for you that is rooted in clarity, conviction, and connection. And I’m going to teach you how to connect those dots to make your mark on this world.

This isn't just another e-course. Raise Your Hand Say Yes provides education, structure, and ongoing counsel to teach you how to actually follow through on that thing you've been thinking about for way too long—without burning yourself out, selling your soul, or feeling like a cheap imitation of somebody else.

The real secret to success is learning how to cultivate resilience, grit, stamina, and connection while you also get moving so that you can gain the experience needed for true knowing and mastery. And you don't have to go it alone.

At the end of our year together, you will walk away with a comprehensively redesigned approach to your life, a year's worth of experience and empowerment around transformation, and a completely new way of finding connection, freedom, and flow in your life.

Meet your new favorite thing on the internet.


How has this program changed your life?


Raise Your Hand Say Yes Includes:


Monthly Live Lessons

Each month kicks off with a live video lesson where I’ll teach you step-by-step how to create a habit of sustained action towards your big thing. These lessons will be based on honoring your voice, tapping into your intuition, and learning how to marry your most inspired ideas with the bold action required to move them forward in the world.


The Workbook

Packed with exercises, worksheets, monthly trackers, and evaluations, this hard-copy workbook will be your year-long creative companion as you start to watch those gorgeous seeds of yours to grow into full-fledged crops.

And at the end of the year, you’ll look back and marvel at how far you were able to take yourself.

Monthly Courage Challenges

Each month, I also double dog dare you to commit to a courage challenge that will help you make a bold move to propel your vision forward (while also scaring the pants off you in the best kind of way!). From that email you’ve been putting off to your big ask, it’s go-time on the work that’s going to get you from Point A to Point Amazing.

No more thinking about what you need to do or waiting until the time is "right." These challenges will root you in taking action with the accountability to make sure you follow through.


Ongoing Support, Cheerleading, and Accountability

The program also includes a monthly Q+A call as well as monthly office hours sessions where you get extended support as you set out on your hero’s journey of learning to follow through on your vision. You get your Qs answered. I get to lavish you with all my love. Everybody wins. With the right support, you’re going to be fucking fierce.


Oh, you also get:

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 12.29.08 PM.png

A Welcome Kit in the mail (yeeeees prezzies!) that establishes you as an Official Hand Raiser and Yes Sayer. Welcome to the club, Sweets. It’s the best in here.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 12.29.12 PM.png

A clubhouse of the raddest peeps in town where you get to connect with your fellow yes sayers, seek feedback, and get ongoing support as you rise up to the next level of your life.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 12.29.16 PM.png

Ongoing surprises and bonuses created just for you.

(Hint hint: snail mail is my fave.)


Over the course of 12 months, you’ll learn:


Here’s what we’ll dive into each month:

Month 1: Making Space + Allowing. Get a close-up look at your life and start to clear space for the transformation this year will bring.

Month 2: Divine Order, aka Getting Sh*t Done. Dive into the making-things-happen portion of moving your ideas forward. In a way that’s filled with connection, ease, and flow.

Month 3: The Simplified Life. Start simplifying your world so that you can focus—and gain traction—on those things that are most important to you.

Month 4: Situational Awareness. Establish a framework you can use to evaluate your projects and figure out how they need to evolve.

Month 5: Getting Back to Love. Move beyond strategy and to-do lists into a spiritual practice and finding your way beyond the confines of fear towards inspired action.

Month 6: Holding Your Course. How do you keep going when the going gets tough? And how do you find courage in the face of fear, doubt, and indecision? This month, we're tackling those big questions.

Month 7: Connection. What do you do when you know you want to slow down, when you know you're ready to move beyond the frantic pace of life, and when you know that you're only spinning your wheels? You focus on connection, and I’ll teach you how.

Month 8: Discernment. Tackle how to distinguish between all the distractions (and opinions) in the world and what you really want.

Month 9: Getting into Your Zone of Genius. Focus on those big things you're ready to raise your hand and say yes to.

Month 10: Telling Your Story. It’s time to tell your story, amplify your message, and get your Zone of Genius work out into the world.

Month 11: Moving Beyond Perfectionism. We’ll look at what happens when perfectionism rears its ugly head and I’ll teach you how to deepen your conviction so you're able to move those big ideas of yours forward with even more ease.

Month 12: What's Next in Your Creative Evolution. We’ll wrap it up in a pretty bow as we explore your creativity, your evolution, and how you can keep going towards what’s next.


(These aren’t your average personal development teachings. They’re as fun as they are thought-provoking—and they're all designed to help calm your nervous system while also getting you jazzed for the next step.) 


Register Now:

Only 100 spots available, and the first 50
registrants get a bonus 1-on-1 session with Tiffany.

 The program starts April 1, 2019.



$188/mo for 12 months



$2,000 (save $256)


But Wait! There’s More! #Infomercialstyle


By joining Raise Your Hand Say Yes, you also get access to these rad bonuses, designed to help you get moving stat and start tapping into your flow #likewhoa.



This masterclass is designed to help you identify and rank your core values and then design the days of your life around them, leaving you with more energy to do the things that matter most to you and to the world. This bonus masterclass will give you the perfect foundation for the work we’ll do together in Raise Your Hand Say Yes.


Bonus 2:
($147 value)

Archetypes serve as mirrors to the human experience, and indicate the sides of ourselves we may not easily see. Using my eight years of coaching and mentoring, I’ve identified the most common creative personality types and patterns I’ve witnessed. This training takes you into the habitual ways we show up to our lives and how we can embrace those archetypes while still making the progress we're craving.


Bonus 3:
($97 value)

Plain old ideas are a dime a dozen, but how do you come up with stand-out ideas that are going to get you noticed in this crazy, noisy world of ours? I've got you covered, Sweets, and this workbook will walk you through how to take those stale ideas that everyone's peddling and flip them on their heads. There will be worksheets, there will be aha's, there will be a quick-pick list of 25 Ready to Go content ideas.


Bonus 4:
($97 value)

Through these downloadable meditations, my spiritual guru Lacy Young will help you tap into your spirit by sorting out whatever's ailing you. Feeling nervous about hitting send on a big email? There's a meditation for that. Feeling stoked but simultaneously overwhelmed? There's a meditation for that. Feeling SO READY to go all in and need a final boost? Yep, Sweets. There's a meditation for that. #namasteandslay


How would you describe the program to your BFF?


Register Now:

Only 100 spots available, and the first 50
registrants get a bonus 1-on-1 session with Tiffany.

 The program starts April 1, 2019.



$188/mo for 12 months



$2,000 (save $256)


What changed in your life as a result of this program?


Wondering why you should do this work with me?


This is the part where I COULD tell you that I know your 6-figure business and multi-orgasmic life is only a few weeks away. (I don't know that.) Or where I'm supposed to tell you that I have all the secrets you need to get as many Instagram followers as The Rock. (Sorry. Probably not going to happen.) Or that you're doing it wrong when it comes to how you live your life. (What if there isn't a right or wrong answer when it comes to your business?)

+ Here's what I'll tell you instead:

There is no one-size-fits-all formula to life success. Rather than tell you Exactly How Things Should Be Done, in this course, I'll present a framework for you to create success for yourself—on your own terms.

You already have the answers you need. But they're hidden behind the noise of things you should be doing and the desire to keep up with the Joneses and the hope that you can figure things out without making too many ripples.

Ripples need to be made. You need to make them. You know it. I know it. And I will help you get out of your own way to get your big ideas out into the world.

Oh, and, of course, you might also be expecting my super-legit profesh bio here, but here's the deal: if you're ready to trust me, you're ready to trust me. And if you don't know who I am or don't yet know if you should trust me, the Inner Circle probably isn't the place for you.

This program is unlike any other, offering a mix of teaching, support, and empowerment to help get those big ideas of yours—YOU KNOW THE ONES—out of your head and into the world.

In addition, the program is limited to 100 participants so that I’m able to give everyone the attention they need and deserve.

I'm not promising a 6-figure raise or a published novel. If those are the things missing from your life, then let's make you the person who goes to pursue them. This is a different kind of experience designed to help you make significant shifts in how you’re showing up to your life and work in this world. (Hint: if you’re feeling all the butterflies right now, that’s the sign that you should apply!)

+ Oh, and a warning:

If you’re hoping to avoid facing your self-defeating tendencies, need an always-available shoulder to cry on, or are looking for someone else to solve all your problems, this program ain’t for you.

Likewise, if you are stuck and overwhelmed by the I don’t know’s that come along with your creative urges and are feeling paralyzed about where to go next, this program won’t be able to help you. I need you to be ready—really ready. (If you're feeling a deep, resounding HELL YES to clarity, conviction, and connection, let's go.)

I’m not going to pretend that this work will always be easy; it isn’t. I’m not going to pretend that this tranformation will happen quickly; it won’t. And I’m not going to pretend that you won’t live on the edge of your comfort zone the whole year we spend together; you will.

You might be really good at that thing you don’t want to be anymore. A part of your life that’s no longer serving you might look really good on paper. A situation can have a lot going for it but still not be what you want or need.

+ And you're exactly in the right place if:

If you feel equal parts excitment and nerves right now, this class is for you.

If you're wondering "Can I really do this?!" and are tempted to run away from yourself but find yourself staying anyway, this is for you.

If you're ready to cut to the chase of what you want, let go of the distractions that aren't serving you, and show up to do the work that matters most, this is for you.

You’re allowed to make that shift (or those shifts) you’re craving anyway.

There’s greatness waiting for you on the other side. Are you willing to walk that rocky road to get there?


Register Now:

 Only 100 spots available, and the first 50
registrants get a bonus 1-on-1 session with Tiffany.

The program starts April 1, 2019.



$188/mo for 12 months



$2,000 (save $256)


How has Raise Your Hand Say Yes changed your life? #nobigs 


"I've finally developed a brand that resonates deeply with all of my values and actually makes me excited to do my best! It feels AMAZING to now have a clear vision of what I want to do with my life. I thought I would never be able to pinpoint my ‘thing.’” - Tabitha Cook


"I've learned how to slow down, figure out what I really want, be kinder to myself, and also take some hell yes action in both my personal and business lives. I also gained the confidence to go after opportunities that I would have otherwise turned back from." - Kristin Tweedale


"If you're thinking of signing up, I suggest you just raise your hand and say yes! Get deeper with what you already know about yourself and your business. Your zone of genius is waiting for you to acknowledge it, celebrate it, and inspire with it." - Love Pabalate

Carly Hamilton-Jones.png

"Giving myself permission to slow down, to simmer, and to pause. The monthly reminders were so beneficial." - Carly Hamilton-Jones

"Flow! Ease! Meeting new creative women. This program helped me learn how to pull back in order to move forward." - Abbey Rodriguez


"I learned to trust myself more, my instincts, not to give up but also to be kind to myself." - Ana-Maria Calin


"I've actually stopped stressing so much about launching a perfect biz. I've allowed things to simmer when necessary and get focused when necessary. I highly recommend membership to anyone who wants the best for their business, but who wants to be more than their business as well." - Gina de Villiers


"I've redefined my goals—and gotten really clear on the most powerful actions that will get me there (rather than running around trying to do all the things). I also decided to set really clear boundaries around my work hours, so that I spend more time away from the computer." - Kate McCarthy


"This program has inspired me to TAKE action. I take risks but this class is there to remind me that I don't take them alone. I would have never stepped out in the same way without the support and encouragement of this program." - Laurie Blackwell


"I've realized there is more than one picture of success and more than one way to achieve ‘success’ in online business. This has opened me up to so many more options." - Meghan Hartman-Gómez


"My favorite part of the class is the inner circle you get to be part of — the online community is a safe place where fellow badass women doing amazing things can come together and support each other."
- Christine Herrin


"I’m generally more relaxed and happy (according to my husband and kids) and get so many more of the IMPORTANT things done. I’ve done more of the work I love with clients and made more money."
- Stacey Adams


+ How much time will this take?

Let me first ask you this: how much time are you willing to invest in actually following through on this life of yours? It's not going to happen overnight, and the time is going to pass regardless. Are you willing to shift your focus towards actually becoming that person you’re so ready to be?

To stay on top of the course work, you should plan, at a minimum, to devote at least 4 hours each month toward the live teaching and Q+A calls and working through the workbook and class content.

You do the learning, ask questions, work through the materials and dig deep and then you get to take the content into your everyday life and integrate it, see what works, and discover what's missing. The program is designed to help you set a course towards the things you want to do (and the person you want to be) and then stay accountable and troubleshoot if/as things come up.

This program is also designed to help keep you focused on the things you want to be doing while also letting go of the ones that aren't working for you. So it's possible that integrating this material will actually help you have more time in your life rather than less.

+ When are the Live Teachings?

The live teachings are held on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 2pm PST/ 3pm MST/ 5pm EST via video conference and will be recorded and shared with those who aren't able to attend live. Each live teaching will also include a Q&A.

+ When and where are the Q&A Calls?

The monthly 90-minute Q&A calls will happen via video conference on the 3rd Tuesday of each month (with the exception of June) at 2pm PST/ 3pm MST/ 5pm EST. They will be recorded and shared, and you'll submit questions in advance in case you cannot attend live.

+ How do the Office Hours work?

The office hours sessions will be held on the last Tuesday of each month (with the exception of December), with two times offered: 10 am PST and 3pm PST to accommodate different time zones. These office hours calls will not be recorded or shared.

A master Google calendar that includes all call dates and times will be shared with each participant.

+ What about the Online Community? Is it on Facebook? Are you in there everyday?

Our online community will be hosted on Mighty Networks. Yes, I am active in the group, but not every day. Yes, there are boundaries as well as structured prompts each week to keep us all focused on the monthly lesson. No, no one is allowed to be that girl.

+ What if I have a day job or kids or live in an opposite time zone? Can I still participate?

Yes, you can participate if you have a day job or kids or live in an opposite time zone. All of the course content will be recorded and shared with participants to access via both audio and video recording. You can listen to the lessons podcast-style or watch the videos from soccer practice. Whatever works for you!

+ If I register now, when do we start?

In registering now, you will be enrolled for the next round of the Raise Your Hand Say Yes program that begins April 1, 2019, and runs through March 2020. You will have immediate access to the bonus meditations and Idea Generation 101 workbooks. Your bonus Core Values Masterclass access will start March 4.

+ Are you doing ongoing registration?

Yes, I'm doing ongoing registration until the course sells out. There are 100 total spots available.

+ Is there a payment plan?

Yes, a payment plan is available ($188/month for 12 months). Alternately, you can make a one-time payment of $2,000.

+ Do you offer refunds?

All sales are final. My promise to you is that if you commit to doing this work, your life will be changed. But just like Whole Foods cannot force you to eat the kale and J.Crew cannot force you to wear the dress, it is up to you to follow through on what you want for your life.

+ Wait, I have more Qs! Can I email you?

Yes, if you have any lingering q's, you can email me: tiffany@tiffanyhan.com. I'm the nicest. Or click here to book a no-obligation consult with me!


Register Now:

 Only 100 spots available, and the first 50
registrants get a bonus 1-on-1 session with Tiffany.

The program starts April 1, 2019.



$188/mo for 12 months



$2,000 (save $256)


How has Raise Your Hand Say Yes changed your life? #nobigs 


I’m no longer overwhelmed and unsure of how to move forward in the things I want to do. I know when I need to let shit go and when I need to push forward with an idea. I’m loving myself a.k.a. self-parenting myself in away that feels nourishing and not taking on work that isn’t what I really want to be doing.” - Jessica Harris

Kelly Harcus.png

"I'm able to choose not to get looped into the fear or dreaming small…It's more insightful and whole-life-focused than ‘post to Instagram this many times, and complete this branding worksheet.’ It's really helped me get clear about how I get in my own way, how to get inspired, and get clearer on what I want.” - Kelly Harcus

Shaili Shah.png

“Tiffany totally gets it: this program is like a primer on everything you wanted to learn about how to build a creative life and all the ways we get stuck (and then un-stuck). It’s pragmatic but counterintuitive, encouraging but challenging, supportive and also no-bullshit.” - Shaili Shah

Annie Norbeck.png

"I’m more intentional. I speak my mind more, but in a clearer way…This coaching work is getting me clear, back to who *I* am before all the other titles life gives us muddied my view. Before these titles made ‘me’ disappear a little (or a lot)." - Annie Norbeck

Elizabeth Simms.png

"This program helps you lean into the you you never knew, or allowed yourself to know. For someone who has experienced that the unexpected equals not so great things, this is pretty life changing. And freeing. - Elizabeth Simms

Susan Cockrell.png

"I am weeding out things I DON'T want to do and being more intentional about things I DO want to do. This program is really helpful in peeling back the layers to examine the bare naked truth of where you need to start.” - Susan Cockrell

Lisa Anstead.png

"This program is a life-changer and whether or not you own a business you need Tiffany in your life. Little did I know that I would be coming home to myself.” - Lisa Anstead


"This class is a fun and unique monthly motivator that will create more ease and flow in your life and propel you to take action.”
- Maya Henry

Renée Lara.png

An opportunity to grow. HOWEVER that means for you. Personally. Professionally. Creatively. Spiritually. Come ready to be challenged. To face not only your fears, but the goals that keep on showing up, but you never seem to see them through. RYHSY to this year of growth.” - Renée Lara

Sellenee Sich.png

I am more aware of my thoughts and what I need to do to move things forward instead of staying stuck. This class gives you the tools you need for all the parts of your life you wished were better but didn’t know how to make them better.” - Sellenee Sich

Chrissy Foreman.png

“I’m slower and more committed to my goals (with full permission!) and more intentional and getting less sidetracked. You rock Tiff!! Thank you, I love this course.” - Chrissy Foreman

Katy-Rose Bye.png

"It’s a safe space to see that I am not alone, to feed my inner craving to learn All the Things about the human experience, all while having a set reminder to reflect, to be aware, and to pause.” - Katy-Rose Bye

Ritu Aneja.png

“This program has brought me closer to reality! It connects you to your deeper self and helps you shun the inauthenticities we live in!”
- Ritu Aneja

Renee Hunt.png

I've got to know myself A LOT better. It's been quite raw at times, as I have noticed behaviours, habits and values that were not serving me. Making myself accountable means that I have to take full responsibility for my life. And THAT has been as massive change for me.” - Renée Hunt

Brooke Forry.png

I haven't given up on my next scary project :) Old me probably (definitely) would have thrown in the towel by now and stayed comfortable with complacency, always wondering what would have been.” - Brooke Forry

Sarah Gamble.png

I feel so much calmer and happier. I love how the lessons are applicable to anyone, from entrepreneurs, to those with day jobs, or just anyone who wants to be more grounded in life.” - Sarah Gamble

Antonia Taylor.png

"Prioritising creativity over being a work machine has been transformative for me. It's brought me home to myself and this is starting to spill over in other areas of my life.” - Antonia Taylor

Shelly Picard.png

"I feel more in touch with myself and more intentional in my life. Tiffany has a knack for teaching the right lesson at the right time.”
- Shelly Picard

Alaina Shea.png

This is the kick in the pants I needed to make my life how I wanted it to feel. It’s like working with your best friend and aunt who are tremendously supportive and expect you to make progress. It’s tough, enlightening, and full of great exercises to help you move into your best life.” - Alaina Shea

Jodi Crane.png

“I have more time to do the things I want to do and not what others expect me to do. I am more mindful and intentional in my daily life. I have felt support to keep going during a difficult time in my life.” - Jodi Crane


“I feel more organized and I’m addressing questions that I've not considered before. This is a support program that digs deep and transforms your thoughts.” - Alicia Harvey


Register Now:

Only 100 spots available, and the first 50
registrants get a bonus 1-on-1 session with Tiffany.

The program starts April 1, 2019.



$188/mo for 12 months



$2,000 (save $256)