Want one last hit of Inner Circle success stories?


"I've finally developed a brand that resonates deeply with all of my values and actually makes me excited to do my best! It feels AMAZING to now have a clear vision of what I want to do with my life. I thought I would never be able to pinpoint my ‘thing.’” - Tabitha Cook


"I've learned how to slow down, figure out what I really want, be kinder to myself, and also take some hell yes action in both my personal and business lives. I also gained the confidence to go after opportunities that I would have otherwise turned back from." - Kristin Tweedale


"If you're thinking of signing up, I suggest you just raise your hand and say yes! Get deeper with what you already know about yourself and your business. Your zone of genius is waiting for you to acknowledge it, celebrate it, and inspire with it." - Love Pabalate

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"Giving myself permission to slow down, to simmer, and to pause. The monthly reminders were so beneficial." - Carly Hamilton-Jones

"Flow! Ease! Meeting new creative women. This program helped me learn how to pull back in order to move forward." - Abbey Rodriguez


"I learned to trust myself more, my instincts, not to give up but also to be kind to myself." - Ana-Maria Calin


"I've actually stopped stressing so much about launching a perfect biz. I've allowed things to simmer when necessary and get focused when necessary. I highly recommend membership to anyone who wants the best for their business, but who wants to be more than their business as well." - Gina de Villiers


"I've redefined my goals—and gotten really clear on the most powerful actions that will get me there (rather than running around trying to do all the things). I also decided to set really clear boundaries around my work hours, so that I spend more time away from the computer." - Kate McCarthy


"This program has inspired me to TAKE action. I take risks but this class is there to remind me that I don't take them alone. I would have never stepped out in the same way without the support and encouragement of this program." - Laurie Blackwell


"I've realized there is more than one picture of success and more than one way to achieve ‘success’ in online business. This has opened me up to so many more options." - Meghan Hartman-Gómez


"My favorite part of the class is the inner circle you get to be part of — the online community is a safe place where fellow badass women doing amazing things can come together and support each other."
- Christine Herrin


"I’m generally more relaxed and happy (according to my husband and kids) and get so many more of the IMPORTANT things done. I’ve done more of the work I love with clients and made more money."
- Stacey Adams